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Essentials Bathroom Accessories


The bathroom accessories are varied and can be equipped with a washbasin, a toilet surface, the countertop of the washbasin, a shower, a bathtub or a toilet. They must be chosen according to their needs but also according to the style of the bathroom.

In fact, these accessories, from the simplest soap dish to the telescopic magnifying mirror, can be divided into two distinct types. On the one hand, the bathroom accessories to be lay-on, on the other, the bathroom accessories to be fixed.


The bathroom accessories to be lay-on are practical because they can be moved and do not require any tools for their installation. Soap dish, toothbrush holder, bathroom dustbin, floor mat, cloth basket, soap dispenser, bath mat, cotton box, storage box, etc.

Everything can be chosen and sized according to the number of users, the style and color of the bathroom.

Easily replaceable, these bathroom accessories are an integral part of the decoration. Since they occupy a certain surface (on the floor, on the bathroom floor, etc.) they are not recommended in small bathrooms and require more frequent cleaning.


Some free-standing accessories are also available as accessories to be fixed (for example soap dispensers and soap dishes or toothbrush holders). Other accessories are above all to be fixed: toilet paper holder, towel rack and storage shelves.

The bathroom accessories to be fixed are more practical and last longer because they are fixed to the wall and therefore less subject to wear. The materials can be various: storage shelves and shower trays can be made of plastic, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

In addition, to be able to fix this type of accessories, a drill is necessary as it is necessary to drill the tile covering in the bathroom by carefully choosing the tiles.

Other bathroom accessories to be fixed can be suction cups (towel hook, soap dish for shower) and still others are to be hung (too heavy loads are not recommended).


In general we can say that there are as many styles for accessories as there are types of bathrooms. To best combine with any environment, the choice of style and materials of the accessories is fundamental.


The style of a bathroom accessory is determined by its shape, but also by the type of material.

  • modern or design: plastic, ceramic, glass, resin or stainless steel accessories; simple and linear shapes.

  • classic or zen: ceramic, wood or stone; simple, cylindrical and rounded geometric shapes.

  • retro or romantic: glass, iron, porcelain, enamelled steel; structured and detailed shapes, with moldings, ovals and combination of materials.


The materials often depend on the style of the bathroom accessories and it is difficult to find a retro plastic bathroom accessory. Accessories can be in:

  • ceramic, glass or porcelain: in this case they are fragile and easy to clean;

  • wood or stone, they are more resistant but more difficult to clean;

  • iron or enamelled steel, they are resistant and easy to clean.

Whatever the material and especially for cleaning, it is absolutely necessary to use an adequate product, not aggressive for the material but disinfectant.


Bathroom accessories can be sold individually or in kits. Based on their use, it is easy to find kits that include:

  • liquid soap dispenser;

  • Toothbrush holder;

  • glass or glass holder;

  • soapdish.

The hooks, the towel racks, the shelves, the baskets and the baskets are placed around the sink and the dustbin nearby. The magnifying mirrors are free or to be fixed to the wall: in this case they are adjustable and can also be telescopic.


Shower accessories are designed to facilitate access to the products they contain and improve comfort. We can find:

  • shower curtains – they are often in polyester or a mixture of polyethylene and EVA, the shower curtains are plain or designed and completely waterproof;

  • bath mat and for exiting the shower / bathtub – these non-slip mats are made of PVC or rubber and can be equipped with suction cups. The raised surface allows not to slip, to dispose of the water and consequently to reduce the noise of the jet. Grids can also be used as a shower mat;

  • shelves and baskets to hold shower products – to be fixed or with a suction cup, these shelves are often made of plastic, chromed steel, aluminum or stainless steel;

  • soap / shower gel / shampoo dispenser – to be fixed to the wall or to be placed, these dispensers can be in plastic and chromed steel, aluminum or stainless steel.


Towel racks and robe hooks must be placed near the shower outlet. Made of chromed steel or stainless steel, the towel racks allow you to hang or store your towels if equipped with a shelf.

The towel racks can be placed or fixed to the wall, and have the shape of a ring, a movable arm or they can be fixed.


The bathroom accessories for a wc are to be fixed or placed and can be summarized as follows:

  • a toilet brush with its container – generally made of plastic, but sometimes the toilet brush holders are also made of wood or steel with a plastic container for the toilet brush inside;

  • a toilet roll holder that must be fixed to the wall. More or less elaborate and made of various materials (plastic, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.), the roll holder can also have a lid;

  • the folding toilet seat – made of plastic, wood or composite materials, the toilet seat can be plain or with patterns;

  • the bathroom dustbin – made of different materials and in various sizes, this container is, in most cases, with pedal;

  • a toilet mat, plain or patterned, is in polyester cotton or microfibre.

Like the other bathroom accessories, the colors and materials are chosen in combination with the overall design.


  • The cheaper accessories are made of plastic and are generally sold in kits – accessories to be placed around the sink or kit of accessories for the toilet. Bathroom accessories in aluminum or stainless steel, more resistant and more durable, are more expensive.

  • those in chromed steel are cheaper and corrosion tends to appear over time in correspondence with the welds.

  • Ceramics and glass are undoubtedly less expensive than porcelain, which is instead reserved above all for retro or romantic styles.

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