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Low-Iron Glass (Ultra-Clear)

About Our Low-Iron Glass (Ultra Clear)

Our Ultra-Clear glass is one of the clearest glass types in the market today. Low-iron glass is produced through a special process in which the iron particles are removed from the glass. The iron particles are what give regular glass a greenish tint. Removing these particles results in an ultra-clear glass for a premium upgrade to standard glass.

The nearly invisible nature of low-iron glass results in these characteristics:

  • Reduced greenish tint

  • Increased light transmission

  • Nearly colorless appearance*

  • Exceptional clarity

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Where To Use Low-Iron Glass

Our proprietary low-iron glass can be used anywhere you would choose standard glass, such as tabletops, table covers and shelves. In addition, you might choose low-iron glass in the following instances:

  • Skylights

  • Wall partitions

  • Windows

  • Shelves

  • Picture Frames

  • Art Exhibits

  • Museums

  • Aquariums


*All glass has somewhat of a greenish tint -- even low-iron glass. All the iron particles can never be completely removed. However, low-iron glass is the clearest glass you can buy, and will have far less greenish tint than standard glass.

Our Ultra-Clear Glass

Our Ultra-clear glass is available in three thicknesses: 4 mm, 6 mm, and 10 mm. It can be laminated, coated, painted, silk-screened, curved… making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Click here to order your glass.

Our Customers' Reviews

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Dimitri S.

Looks amazing :) really nice works

Glass Design Malta Ultra clear 7.jpg

Donna P.

I received glass exactly as ordered. Buying online can be questionable at best but I receive excellent service and product. I highly recommend this company.

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