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Aquarium - The blue of a beautiful soul and tranquility. The aquarium is an ideal item for a small space, a blue, clean, and mysterious space. Is a tiny reef in a cozy room where every time we chill when those little fishes swim around us. Not only that, the aquarium is also a useful decoration for the living room, large restaurant. For Glass Design Malta, aquariums are a great passion besides our profession of glass, the color of the aquarium keeps us relaxing, has fun, and makes it possible for us to make great aquariums to serve our nice customers. Coming to Glass Design Malta, we will turn your small spaces into a mysterious place like when you're lying in the middle of a large ocean.


We provide all the sizes and all the designs for a beautiful aquarium.


We always have the best prices for the best place for tiny "water" creature.


With fast procession but nicely done, we will improve your tiny reef.


We put the esthetics in aquariums in the first, no matter how it cost. We will make the best aquariums.

Aquariums - Our Love

Have you ever come to ocean and met tiny special fishes out there? We believe many haven't. We all wish we could meet them once, those tiny creatures bring some kind of fascinating attraction. The tiny ones that represent their vast ocean home. And with aquariums, we create homes for them.

At the Aquarium
2021 03 22_3.jpg

Where the best glass aquariums come out

Our main job is to offer the greatest-made glass. With exceptional customer service, we strive to serve and create distinctive glass customisations for your home, one aquarium plays a significant role in any modern home.

How our edges look like

.The one and the only to make round bevel edges in Malta


Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 2.jpg

Home Aquarium

Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Home Aquarium 2.jpg


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