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Press-to-open Door set - a simple but gorgeous piece of furniture

Updated: May 30, 2021

Press-to-open opening system for handleless furniture fronts. Simple, handleless, good: press-to-open door set.

A gentle press on the door is all it takes for the press-to-open piston to move the door into a position that easily lets you get your fingers behind to open it. Depending on use, the door remains in piston end position or swings open widely. The door is closed by pressing on it again.

How the press-to-open door set simply looks like


Full options of press-to-open door set here.

- Cabinet hinges (pivot type) will hold the doors against the furniture (wood, steel, aluminium, iron-core gypsum, etc.)

- Counterpiece, made out of metal with large magnetic field, attached with glue to the rear edge of the glass in the position in which will be sucked and held by the magnetic pressure catch.

- Magnetic pressure catch has a set of strong enough magnet to be able to hold the doors firmly.


Take advantage of market potentials

Simply make furniture stand apart with handleless design - with press-to-open from Glass Design Malta.

Costs under control

You can also use press-to-open with standard hinges and press-to-open Pin while leaving production processes unchanged.

Maximum customer satisfaction

Reliable operation, unauthorised unlocking ruled out. Any installation tolerances can be corrected by the large adjustment range.

Future proof and versatile

Meet tomorrow's demands the easy way. Whichever way furniture trends go, our comprehensive product range has the answer.

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