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Home Mirrors

An Indispensable Item For Every Home

Positioned correctly, a mirror can create light, texture, space and character. Using mirrors creatively in your home can make them not only useful for checking your appearance, but also for capturing light and projecting it into those darker corners, creating textural and spatial illusions, and highlighting your favourite accessories and ornaments by reflecting them into your vision from different angles.

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Utilising Home Mirrors

To do so, place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the angle of light and bounce it throughout the room.

The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create.

Think carefully about the angle of the room you want to reflect – placing a mirror opposite a window, for example, will bring both natural light and greenery into a smaller room.

In a room where you are likely to entertain, a larger mirror can increase the atmosphere in the room by giving the illusion of more guests.

And an important thing is that always contact Glass Design Malta to get more ideas for your home mirror.