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Display Box

The Glass Showcase You Need

A glass display case may be freestanding on the floor, or built-in (usually a custom installation). Built-in displays may be mounted on the wall, may act as room partitions, or maybe hung from the ceiling. On occasion, display cases are built into the floor where the remains of drains and privies are shown in their original context, along with other archeological artifacts.

There are three types of freestanding showcases: counter, middle floor (mid-floor), and wall. At Glass Design Malta, you will find everything easy and makeable.

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Utilising Showcase In Your Store

Glass display cases in shops are a fabulous way of advertising your expensive products. They're excellent for drawing customers' attention to the stock you're trying to sell without using aggressive selling methods.

And when you combine this with the right color scheme, stock, and lighting, you have a winning combination!

It goes without saying, glass display shelves provide a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. Just like online shopping, the simpler you make the sales process, the more sales you'll make. Namely, through the repeat customers you'll accrue, and the new customers you'll attract.

Hence, making more profits-win-win.

How well we prepare our works

Before every production, we sketch for the final confirmation


Ordering Glass Showcase Online

Make sure you get the right measurements for your space! We're here to help if you have any questions. Here are the steps to ordering glass shelves:

  • Measure the area where you want to display your showcase.

  • Predicting how much weight you will put on your showcase.

  • Figuring out how many units you will need, we will help you in choosing the thickness and style.

Remember, you can always get an advice from us for designing ideas, just contact us at any time.

Our Customers' Reviews

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Marisa M.

Best customer service.

Glass Design Malta - Interiors - Showcase Display box 4.jpg

Marcus Z.

Just how amazing they turned my old cabinet to a modern miniature showcase. Loved it.

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