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Gym Mirrors

Large Mirrors for Your Home Gym

If you're a dancer, yogi, or gymnast looking to check your form; if you're a weightlifter looking to refine your lift; or if you're a dancer looking to check out your sweet moves, our high-quality large gym mirrors are perfect for you. Your home gym or workout room will benefit from easy-to-install kits with all the mirror installation materials you'll need including inside the package. You can place the gym mirrors side-by-side to create a commercial gym feeling in your basement, garage or other space.

Glass Design Malta - Mirrors - Gym Mirrors 2.jpeg
Glass Design Malta - Mirrors - Gym Mirrors 1.jpg

Gym Mirrors for Your Business

Our Glass Design Malta gym mirrors are a great choice for your business – whether you own a gym, dance studio, or any fitness space. Easily configured for a variety of activity spaces, our mirrors are easy to install yourself – or have your contractor do it for you. Here are a few types of businesses where our gym mirrors can be used:

  • Gyms and fitness centers

  • Yoga studios

  • Pilates studios

  • Ballet studios

  • Dance studios

  • Martial arts studios

  • Spas