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Glass Buildings


Understanding the benefits glass offers designers requires at least a basic appreciation for the nature of glazing in structural design. At Glass Design Malta, you'll find the best products stated with the most affordable prices. Exceptional customer service quality is something that you will not find anywhere in the islands of Malta.


You've already known the name, but who are we?

Glass of Milk

We offer glass customisations

genuinely, especially, distinctively glass.

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We make


While interior design is centred on the interior environment of a space or structure, this doesn’t mean that designers should feel restricted to aesthetics that only draw from the manmade, the modern, or the architectural. One of the great benefits of glass in interior design is that it offers a chance to invite the outside world in.

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Bring the benefits of natural light into your home.

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Make a great focal point in the home and bring a fun activity for the whole family

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Get your home appearance into the fine, delicate, elegant shape.

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