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Supporting Programme For Fishrooms

In Malta, there are many fishrooms that work with their highest dedication. Those who are really in need of high quantities of aquariums but can't spend more in the beginning for aquarium setup.

To support local fishrooms, the Glass Design Malta decided to offer at least 10% price drop for fish breeders whenever there is a purchase of over 3 aquariums.

We have been entrusted by many fish breeders in Malta as one of the best aquarium makers in the island.

Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 1.jpg
Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 2.jpg

Free Advising

With partnerships with many aquarium stores in Malta, we are qualified to give out the best advices on how you should set up your fishroom. Just by contacting us, you will get a service from A to Z, without any hesitation.


Ordering Aquariums for Your Fishroom

Make sure you get the right measurement for the aquariums!

  • Measure the total area and foresee how many aquariums you will need for your fishroom.

  • Contact us to get the best prices for your fishroom.

Our Customers' Reviews

Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 3.JPG

Burton S.

Got this aquarium at very cheap price, these guys are amazing

Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 4.JPG

Chris M.

Good, very nice

Glass Design Malta - Aquariums - Fishroom 5.JPG

Ryan A.

Phenomenal works, great skills

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