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Laminated Glass

About Our Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is created by adhering two pieces of annealed glass together by a vinyl layer. This layer will continue to hold the glass together in the event that it is struck or dropped. Laminated glass also offers superior sound-proofing characteristics. Here are a few things you need to know about your custom laminated glass order.

  • Laminated glass is only available in square or rectangle shapes, due to the process the glass goes through in production.

  • Laminated glass is available only in 1/4” thickness. Due to its strength, this is the standard size offered and should be suitable for any application.

  • Our laminated glass is available in either clear or white.

  • During customization, you'll choose either a seamed or a flat polished edge for your laminated glass. Choose flat polished if the edges of your laminated glass will be visible.

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Where To Use Laminated Glass

You can use laminated glass in areas where you need something sturdy yet with the aesthetics of real glass.

  • Inside vehicles including RVs and boats

  • Outdoor areas such as poolside patio tables

  • Skylights

  • Ground-level windows and doors

  • Retail displays

  • In places where there is a risk of high winds

  • Staircases

  • Roofs/Canopies

Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Like tempered glass, laminated glass is considered a safety glass. Tempered glass is heat treated to achieve its durability, and when struck, tempered glass breaks in to smooth-edged small pieces. This is much safer than annealed or standard glass, which can break into shards.

Laminated glass, unlike tempered glass, is not heat treated. Instead, the vinyl layer inside serves as a bond that keeps the glass from shattering into large shards. Many times the vinyl layer ends up keeping the glass together.

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Our Customers' Reviews

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Rita C.

Well made for my mom.

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