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Glass Design Malta

Glass is a strange material. It offers near endless potential in transforming a space both practically and aesthetically, and recent advances in technology have widened these possibilities even further. While glazing may often be thought of as a purely practical facet of architecture and construction, it plays a significant part in interior design, too.

Understanding the benefits glass offers designers requires at least a basic appreciation for the nature of glazing in structural design. The best designers work with architectural glass installations and know how to strike a harmony between their concepts and the glazing at their disposal.

Good glass can protect, preserve and promote a home, and business. Glass Design Malta helps local families and businesses use glass to their advantage. We offer repair, replacement, and installation to our beloved Malta island. Our experts help homeowners upgrade their furniture and possibly lower their overall costs. Any exterior glassworks we complete will have their structural integrity restored; we even work on some commercial buildings or high-quality apartments. Businesses will benefit from emergency storefront glass repair and specialty glass installation, such as tinted glass and proactive emergency preparations. At Glass Design Malta, we do anything related to glass.


When you buy a glass table from Glass Design Malta, you can be certain that you're getting the highest-quality glass available. Whether you need a glass table top replacement, or a glass table cover for a DIY project, or just a glass table as a beautiful furniture, we've got you covered.


Glass shelves & cabinets are a great way to add some high design to your space without breaking the bank. We have a full selection of custom glass shelves & cabinets, plus installation kit options. You will find the best options in Malta at us.

Glass Design Malta Glass shelves + cabin
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Upgrade your old shower with a brand new custom-build shower door or screen. 3D shower enclosure view, many glass tint and hardware options available to match with your interior design - and the best of all: installation service included.


Glass Design Malta has the full variety of designs for your door, you will even get the actual brief sketch of your door to decide which accessories you for your doors, which colour of the fittings will be done, or even you can decide your own design thanks to our massive design collections.

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Glass Design Malta Mirrors.jpg


Sometimes, you want a mirror that is exactly what you want: the shape, size, edges, and even color. The beauty of a custom mirror from Glass Design Malta is that you can customise to your exact specifications.


One of the signatures of Glass Design Malta, the aquariums. Proudly one of the best aquarium makers in Malta. Entrusted by many fish rooms and aquarium stores to deliver the most different experiences the island never had. 

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Glass Design Malta Edges.JPG

One of very few in Malta being capable of making round-bevelled edges efficiently.


Glass Design Malta Glass Bend.jpg

The first and the only in Malta

having a glass bending furnace.


Glass Design Malta Glass

Fastest production time in Malta,

Best installation service in Malta

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