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Grey Tinted Glass

About Our Custom Grey Glass

Grey glass adds a unique, high-end sophistication to your home. This smokey grey tinted glass is suitable for use anywhere you use traditional glass. If you're looking to replace broken glass, updating your look with grey glass is always a good choice. Here are a few fast facts about our grey glass:

  • Grey glass is made from the same high-quality glass that we use for all of our products.

  • You can specify the shape, size, thickness, edge types, corner types, and even whether or not you'd like an umbrella hole in the center!

  • You can also specify whether you want tempered glass for added durability.


Grey glass is a versatile design choice that you can customize to be exactly what you want.

Where To Use Grey Glass

You can use grey glass as a unique interior accent anywhere you would normally use glass. Here are a few places our customers have used grey glass in their home improvement projects:

  • Table tops

  • Table covers

  • Patio tables

  • Shelves

  • Cabinet or curio glass inserts

  • DIY craft projects

*Please note that your monitor settings may have an effect on how the grey glass looks to you. Actual color may vary from on-screen representation.

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